Howdy, neighbor?

Hi all, Rachelle here. First of all, I'd like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to all of my current customers, family, friends, supporters and those that just give me a good ol' Minnesotan Hello when they see me out and about! Duluth Kombucha would NOT be DULUTH Kombucha without ya'll. Second of all, I'd like to give everyone the low down on what's up with Duluth Kombucha. A lot has happened in the past year! From front porch deliveries, to 5am gym deliveries, to workshops in the middle of the woods and even parking lot parties, DK (Duluth Kombucha), has become quite the journey.

This journey has many of you asking where can you get DK? Are you on tap anywhere? Will there be a storefront somewhere? So currently the answers are *almost* anywhere, not currently, and yes and no. Let me explain. Currently DK can be delivered to you, almost anywhere in Duluth, just send us an e-mail, Facebook, or Instagram message to arrange that. Currently we are not on tap anywhere, but are working towards that goal and hope to be in the near future. Lastly, what about that storefront? Currently we are in the process of moving into a brick and mortar location. The Duluth Folk School has graciously offered us a home within their home at 1917 W. Superior Street. The Duluth Folk School is still amidst construction and more info on that can be found here . We're still navigating the waters as Tim, Bryan, Carmel, and their crew work tirelessly re-modeling, re-constructing, and re-envisioning this space. What we do know though is that this space offers us room to grow in the Lincoln Park Craft District, while being surrounded by like-minded individuals with a vision for the community and the Duluthians residing within it.

Because we truly believe in community over competition, the mission of Duluth Kombucha will continue to keep us afloat throughout any uncharted territory; we strive to provide our customers and community with the care, attention, and sustainability that we provide our living kombucha cultures.

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