Chelle started Duluth Kombucha in 2016 with a passion for brewing delicious kombucha and the mentality that business can operate against the grain, putting people over profits and making decisions based on sustainability. In 2020 amidst a pandemic and economic recession Duluth Kombucha opened a quaint and cozy taproom in the Endion neighborhood of Duluth. Duluth Kombucha can also be found on tap at a variety of restaurants and breweries, check the "Find Us!" tab for the most up to date list. 


Our kombucha is brewed in repurposed oak whiskey barrels and made with tea from a local supplier Anahata Herbals, and vegan sugar. Each batch is uniquely flavored with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, locally sourced when possible. We stick with traditional brewing methods and high-quality ingredients to provide you with a natural and authentic experience.

Duluth Kombucha's mission is to provide our community with the care and sustainability that we provide our living kombucha cultures. We believe (and know) that black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, and love is love. 

Be safe and be kind.