Hey, y'all! What a year, eh? Chelle here, I own Duluth Kombucha. Since starting DK in 2016, I've dreamt about having my own space for a quaint and cozy kombucha taproom. I've spent loads of time daydreaming of waking up early in the morning on a chill winter day, bundling up under seven different layers and heading to the kombuchery. Spending a good portion of the morning shoveling the snow off of the sidewalk before going inside to start brewing tea, turning all the lights on, updating the chalkboard menu and finally unlocking the front door. Greeting the first of the days customers with a classic midwestern chat about the weather and sending someone off to a cozy corner of the shop with a flight of kombucha. Of course, things look a little different with COVID.

As you may or may not know, since starting, DK has been operating out of two different locations, both of which have been wonderful but also have had their limitations. A small studio space in the Folk School that has been a makeshift retail/sample room and a shared commercial kitchen further west. I'm so grateful to have had both of the locations, but it's time for the next chapter. DK is moving into a new location.  A location that will allow me to have a mini taproom/retail area and production facility all in one building! It's really great news and I am beyond excited, however, it's not something I ever expected to do amidst a pandemic. So, with that being said I need a little bit of help to get things off to a good start. 


All of the funds raised through this campaign will allow me to purchase items necessary to get the new space licensed and operating. Fun things and boring things, like signage and a mop and shelves! I've already started moving into the new space in the beginning of October and have made quite a bit of progress. I'm hoping to have the kombuchery open to the public before the year is over. Dare I say....November?! If there's anything that I think we've all learned from this year is that things don't always go as planned. 


What you can expect from the new Duluth Kombucha location:

- An inclusive space for all folks.

- Lots of different kombuchas available for dine-in (with COVID restrictions), take-out and curbside pickup.

- Eventually coffee and other beverages as well as some light snack items.

- Kombucha brewing workshops.

- A retail area with brewing kits and fermentation supplies.

- Consistent and regular shop hours, come visit! Tuesday thru Friday to start and expanded hours as we go on.


The new location is at 12 S. 15th Ave. East, below Anytime Fitness. If the lights are on I'm in there working, feel free to stop by for a peek or a chat! 


Duluth Kombucha strives to provide our community with the care and sustainability that we provide our living kombucha cultures. I know that times are tough and this year has created so many unknowns for so many of us. I'm so beyond grateful for all of the support I've received over the years in my venture with Duluth Kombucha. It's what's made Duluth Kombucha, Duluths' Kombucha. I truly do appreciate it and if you're not able to offer financial support right now, sharing this page or post is just as valuable. Thanks for reading all of this and following along in my little corner of the world. Click the "SHOP HERE" button below for items you can purchase and info about ways you can support this new venture.


Cheers, Chelle <3

Photo: Lissa Maki, Perfect Duluth Day

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Updated: 12:00pm  10/16/2020